Somewhere in their short lives, the world has given our children messages that have turned their self-love and acceptance into a negative loop that begins to shrink them. They start to pull back, feel they are less than, and turn inward. Imagine a space where your child is celebrated for being amazing! A spot to feel supported in struggles and celebrated in strengths. When your child shows up to the group they know there will be laughter and fun on the agenda. The weight of the world they carry will be a little lighter when they leave. 

If this sounds like a place for your child, we would love to connect with them in our upcoming group! At Selfie group, every part of what we do is designed to stretch all your child’s strengths and support them to love every incredible piece of who they are! 

This group is for kids who:

  • Wonder where they fit in
  • Feel anxious in school, sports, or social settings
  • Feel overwhelmed in day to day life 
  • Have limiting beliefs in self 
  • Get stuck in negative thinking
  • Fear making mistakes and failing
  • Think they are alone in these feelings

In this group we:

  • Gift your child a place to belong
  • Cheer each other on
  • Shrink self doubt
  • Create new ways to cope
  • Shine a spotlight on strengths 
  • Connect with peers 
  • Celebrate your child’s unique and one-of-a-kind self!!!

Groups run throughout the year. If you are interested in when the next group is starting, contact me. 

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