During the adolescent and teen years, we often see changes in our children. We might think of this time as kids experiencing hormonal changes. But, the brain is making some pretty significant changes. And, let’s face it, the teen world is hard to navigate. I will work with your child to help them find their inner strength, grow self-confidence, and embrace themselves. I will provide a safe, confidential, and encouraging environment while your child explores their concerns, gains an understanding of the changes in their body & brain, and learns strategies to help them grow and thrive. We will go beyond talk therapy and use the integration of art, play, mindfulness strategies, and nature. 

Also, it is important to me that you are involved in your child’s treatment and healing. We will do this through communicating throughout your child’s treatment.

“Asking for help isn’t weak, it’s a great example of how to take care of yourself.”
Charlie Brown

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